Bankwest Qantas Classic And Platinum Credit Cards

Qantas Classic & Qantas Platinum business credit cards are one of the most user friendly business credit cards so far.


Bankwest has as of late chosen to offer their (Best Business Credit Cards) Qantas World Mastercard to new clients, and consequently have disposed of the Qantas Gold Mastercard from their Qantas cards go.

We will bring investigate the points of interest of both the Qantas Classic and Platinum Mastercard in this guide. The Platinum MasterCard is stuffed with comparative advantages as the World Mastercard form and accompanies a standard $160 yearly charge which can likewise be packaged with your Bankwest home advance, if you have one.


Earn  Qantas Points From Spending

Bankwest has minimized the acquire rate of the Platinum card in June 2016 from 0.75 Qantas point to 0.5 Qantas point for each $1 on everyday go through with a top of 200,000 focuses every year. There are no abroad or Qantas spend rewards.

The Classic card likewise procures 0.5 Qantas Points for every $1 on go through yet with a yearly top 50,000 point and constrained advantages.


The Benefits Of The Bankwest Qantas Platinum Mastercard

The best advantage of the Platinum card over the Classic as I would like to think is the deferred remote exchange charges, with this card being one of only a handful couple of cards available together with the Bankwest World Mastercard which offers this waiver while as yet enabling you to win focuses.

Given there is normally a 2.95% extra charge on your abroad go through with Bankwest’s different cards, this is a considerable sparing, and covers on the web and in-person exchanges.

The Bankwest Qantas Platinum card additionally offers set out insurance with up to a half year for each outing scope and $3,000 of auto procure insurance overabundance.


Comparing Bankwest Platinum To Classic

With the same procure rate on the two cards, the essential differences in benefits between the two are the focuses topping and the remote exchange expense waiver.

The yearly expense for the Classic is $100. Given the Platinum card is just $160, I’d propose going for the Platinum card, exceptionally since it accompanies complimentary insurances while the Classic does not.



The gain rate for both Classic and Platinum cards are not the best in the market, notwithstanding, if there’s an average join reward on offer and you spend an impressive sum on abroad exchanges and incline toward sparing money to acquiring more focuses, at that point the Platinum card is a tolerable alternative.

Something else, there are Qantas Cards out there with higher procure rates on spend which you could most likely consider.