Which is the Best Business Credit Cards For Business Travel


Bank of America® Business Advantage Travel

The Bank of America® Business Advantage Travel card is best for business travelers that as often as possible spend on accommodation, renting cards, and flight tickets. This card offers a starting APR of 0% for the initial 9 charging cycles, which could make it a solid match for businesses that need to exchange a present adjust with the goal that you can pay it off. For strong borrowers, this card likewise offers one of the most reduced potential APRs on the rundown.


Bank of America® Advantage Travel Rewards

Bank of America® rewards your purchases on a focuses framework. These focuses never terminate and you can reclaim them for travel, money back, or gift vouchers.


Basic Rewards

In the first 60 days when your account was opened, you can earn 25,000 bonus points when you make at least $1,000 in net purchases. These focuses can be reclaimed for a $250 articulation credit towards travel buys.


Ongoing Rewards

You’ll win points as you utilize the card for the accompanying buys:

3 points per dollar spent on travel buys (hotel, car rentals, flight tickets) booked through Bank of America® Travel Center.

Boundless 1.5 points for each dollar spent on all buys wherever paying little heed to the amount you spend.


What is the Cost of BoA Business Advantage Travel

With the Bank of America® Business Advantage Travel card you’ll have to put at any rate $500 down as a store and have a beauty time of no less than 21 days. You’ll likewise acquire these extra expenses:


  • Starting APR: 0% for 9 charging cycles
  • Standard APR: 12.74% – 22.74% Variable APR on buys
  • Yearly Fee: None


What Are the Disadvantages of Bank of America® Advantage Travel Card

Bank of America® offers a solid travel card that prizes you for the majority of your travel costs, yet they don’t as of now offer incredible prizes for office cost buys. This card is for the most part just for borrowers who travel much of the time.


Where You Can Apply for Bank of America® Advantage Travel Card

You can apply with Bank of America® by rounding out an essential online application and possibly getting a moment endorsement. The entire procedure can be finished inside a matter of a couple of minutes and you’ll get your card inside 7-10 days.

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