Business Credit Cards vs. Individual Credit Cards

Here are the some differences between the business credit cards vs personal credit cards


Business credit cards have more limits than the individual credit cards

Entrepreneurs can appropriate cards to workers; be that as it may, the entrepreneur holds duty regarding reimbursing charges on every representative’s card.

Most significant business card-issuing banks report credit use and installment data to both individual and business credit departments.

Business credit cards are not subject to a similar shopper insurance laws as individual credit cards under the Credit CARD Act of 2009. This implies the card issuing bank could conceivably roll out improvements to beauty periods and your APR with next to zero notice. In any case, some significant backers have decided to willfully expand a few or the greater part of the customer assurances under the Credit CARD Act to their business credit card holders by means of their cardholder understandings. Read your cardholder terms and conditions completely before applying for your business credit card.

Rewards and rebates oblige entrepreneurs, for example, rebates on FedEx delivery or office supplies, or liberal rewards for visit flying.

Numerous entrepreneurs utilize individual charge cards to back their organizations. Individual credit cards are generally considerably less demanding for proprietors of little and recently settled organizations to meet all requirements for, yet they don’t answer to the business credit agencies. Additionally, blending business and individual buys on a similar Visa could imperil your restricted obligation assurance, putting your own benefits in danger on account of a claim against your enterprise or LLC.